Silent Thought 1

Silent Thought 1

Starting off with a question that keeps coming up; Is that what you really want? Well, that question could relate to pretty much anything you do, but here is my part of the story.


I know that everyone has their own dream or goal that they try to accomplish sooner or later. However, my dream apart from having a good job of course, is having that one thing that gets me up on my feet everyday. Something that makes me happy inside out. Not just the kind of happiness that makes you smile or laugh, but the happiness that makes your heart skip a beat just thinking of it. The happiness that fills you up and makes you get through life no matter how hard you have been thrown down.


The fact is that I realised that sometimes even this kind of happiness can end. Not because you do not feel the same way towards it any more, but because it is out of your hands to keep it, maybe you are just allowed to fight for it inside your own head with no spoken words.


Here at that point of you fighting, words are hard to be spoken out to those around you because they are not understood. Do not forget that we human beings have different mind sets. Also remember that to others your thoughts might seem wrong maybe based on ideas behind them, but still to them they are wrong or can never be approved of.


Right there you find yourself trapped in your own mind set wishing that your own kind of happiness can be understood or even appreciated without any sarcasm. Even if that kind of happiness you tasted was only for a short while, but was all you wanted and still want. That is exactly why my kind of happiness could be built through a very short time, but definitely left a mark of a lifetime story. Maybe if they knew that my mind set is different they would have understood, but they are not me.


That is what I really want...



By: Mai El Kady