XL Axiata Axis Capital Group Review: Mobile Marketing Issues

Jakarta, Indonesia – 70 millions are shipped worldwide in 2014. Add to that 70 million tablets, and you have an unprecedented opportunity for mobile connections, communication, media, and commerce. While the opportunity is there, there are also some major challenges that stand in the way of realizing the full potential of mobile as an advertising and marketing channel. Understanding the challenges -- and their impact -- is the first step in addressing them and moving ahead.


1.     Mobile's gone global

Mobile, for the first time in media history, operates in a truly global environment. Games developed in Japan and Sweden are among the largest mobile properties in the U.S. and Africa. Even more so than the traditional web, mobile has cut across every barrier imaginable. Impressions from familiar apps and publishers are available in every corner of the globe. It makes it easier for scammers, hackers and piracy to spread globally which is one of the most challenging issues of developers and patents.


2.     Tracking

This challenge is the most concerning. There is no consistent and universal way to identify, recognize, track, and target mobile devices while respecting consumer choice. Almost half of marketers surveyed during a recent webinar on "Improving the Economics in Mobile Marketing" said that their greatest concern with mobile advertising is tracking and measurement. Despite the enormous potential of the mobile advertising market, the types of tools marketers have come to expect and rely on in the desktop world just aren't available.


3.     Privacy

No matter how you look at it, privacy is a requirement that can't be ignored. Whether this is the existential crisis some make it out to be, it is high on the list for regulators and the public alike, and this means it needs to be on the minds of marketers as well. Failure to come up with a credible and effective means to protect consumers' online privacy -- whether on mobile devices, traditional computer platforms, or on emerging or yet unimagined devices -- will result in the failure of mobile advertising to reach its full potential. Let’s face it, almost all of us believe that once we use the internet and any social media, we are bound to open our lives to the public.


4.     Fraud

Fraud is endemic in the mobile marketplace. This issue is linked to globalization, but there is a much greater issue with fraud than major industry players are willing to admit. Although executives say fraud composes 20%-40% of people using the net, as long as advertisers pay for it, they are there to stay.


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