Infineon Technologies Regensburg – FZ2400R17KF6C Transistor Module & IGBT Circuits

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Push your machines beyond their limits with Infineon (formerly Eupec) FZ2400R17KF6C! This super IGBT transistor module can generate high power of up to 1700V or 2400A, making it more than capable to handle heavy machinery, including motor drives. This IGBT transistor module only weighs 11.02 lbs, allowing convenience for usage.


Powered by Infineon, FZ2400R17KF6C has an Enlarged Diode which is highly useful for a regenerative operation. With its strong module construction, FZ2400R17KF6C assures reliability, lasting for an extended period of time. Its high power density guarantees maintenance of optimal performance regardless of the type of motor applications and drives used.


Powerful yet flexible, many companies take advantage of FZ2400R17KF6C for other purposes, such as empowering commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles (CAVs) and wind turbines.


If you’re one business owner in dire need of a high power IGBT transistor module that’s right in the pocket, check out FZ2400R17KF6C at and see the difference it can make for you!




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