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I'm ten so I don't have a business, but I do a lot of other things. For example I dance, sing, sew, knit act. I make duct tape accessories and I am a runner and a gymnast.

Who or what has been your greatest inspiration when it comes to hair, fashion, or style in general?

My greatest fashion inspiration is Bethany Mota, a Youtuber, who just made a fashion line for Aeropostale. I really like Ariana Grande's, Nickelodeon character, Cat's style because she wears lots of sweaters, skinny jeans flatsit's casual but cute. I also like how my friends and family match and combine colors.

What is your favorite way to style your hair?

My favorite way to style my hair is a side ponytail or a regular ponytail with a bow or headband. I like these hairstyles, because they are easy, quick in the morning, and pretty.

What is your typical, everyday hair routine?

My every day hair routine is washing or wetting my hair. Then I add coconut oil and slowly dry my hair with a towel. Then I put my hair into a ponytail, but sometimes since I have some purple bangs, I let that hair stay out.

I like EOS lip balm because it moisturizes my lips. Celine I also like Baby Lips lip balm because it has SPF 20. I like coconut oil because I can use it for my skin and my hair.