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An anniversary is one of those occasions when you get to celebrate your relationship or marriage together. It can be a very good idea to send flowers to each other if you are unable to meet on such a special day. There are many ways in which the lovely day can be made really special. If your man is the one to surprise you every year or even if it is your first anniversary, you can send flowers and make it much more special. There can be other options too which can allow you to add an even more memorable element to the day. It is a good idea to experiment with several possibilities so your celebration becomes one that you would remember for many years.

Other than the surprise plan where you pretend to forget about the date and later send flowers to sweetly surprise him, there can be alternatives that would surely make a smile on his face. Among those options could be unique gifts for him.

Choosing an anniversary gift can be sometimes so confusing that you think it is better to send flowers than wonder about the perfect present. Here are some easy tips which can be followed for making the right choice.

·               Bonsai plants: Green bonsai plants are known for their ability to bring positivity in their environment. These along with your decision to send flowers to his work place will be really beautiful ways in which you could very well light up his mood. This combination will also help you in strengthening your bond with him as the plant is also symbolic of many other positive things which do include health and wellness in life and relationships.

·               Photo frames: Send flowers to him once he reaches his office and after that follow up with more flowers, cakes, candles and photo frames in sizes. You can make it much more dramatic by decorating the house with pictures of pair of you, displayed elegantly in the new photo frames.

·               Send flowers and cake when he is least expecting: Everybody loves nice surprises and so will your man. A surprise anniversary delivery will certainly cheer him up and make him feel special at the same time. The best way to do this is to pack up his favorite food and then parcel it as and when you send flowers to his workplace.

·               Plan a musical evening: Music is the ultimate method to make most occasions feel more complete. You could take some time out before the special day and prepare a play list of his favorite songs. Make sure that you do include a bunch of classic romantic numbers by famous artists or the artists that he admires the most. A nice welcome home dinner at dusk along with this list of songs would be the perfect way in which you could close the celebrations for the day.

Another great idea would be to take off from work so that both of you don't have to send flowers to each other and can instead be together.

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