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Gambling goes back into the ancient times, there were ancient forms of gambling not Black Jack or Slot Machines that you see today. Mostly everyone in the Roman times gambled from nobility to regular citizens and even slaves liked to gamble and even play games. Like in many states today that do not allow gambling even in the ancient times, the Roman Government under the Emperor Augustus had laws against gambling. Gambling was only officially allowed on Saturnalia, which is a week long festival in the honor of the God Saturn. It was right before Christmas and during this holiday of sorts the slaves and the masters would switch places with each other and they would have gambling tables while the masters served them but the masters would also get a chance to gamble as well.If gamblers were caught gambling during the year they may be fined for partaking in their favorite past time. Though in many places the laws were not enforced all that strongly in fact the Emperor Augustus was actually believed to be hooked on gambling. Most of Rome that did not seem to mind the gambling and it only became more popular. In later years the Emperors of Roman were allowed to be given games of chance. Some of these gamblers were Commodus and he used the imperial palace was used a casino and a whorehouse to help finance his bankrupt regime. There was also Nero and he would bet a huge amount of money, which at that time was called the six part (Roman Currency) with just one roll of the dice.