PPC - You Gets What You Pays For

What is PPC?
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising system offered by Search Engines in which an advertiser pays for every click on their advert. PPC adverts could be displayed on Search Engine results pages (search targeted) and content websites (content targeted).

o Content targeting refers to PPC adverts being displayed on content pages e.g. "auto for sale" adverts being displayed on a web site that contains content about autos

PPC adverts are most often shown at the top, bottom and right-hand side of the SERPs. The place of the advert on the page is determined by a bidding system.

Bid Wars
Although bidding higher amounts of money will generally result in a higher place, some Search Engines consider several variables in the ranking of adverts. The "Quality Score" also helps Google ascertain your cost per click (CPC). The less useful your advert and landing page are, the more you'll need to pay to show that advert in a high standing.

The bidding price for the key word is, in addition, variable. General keywords like "car rental" are more expensive and will create more impressions than a particular keyword phrase like "cheap rental car in cape town". Key word bidding prices are increasing as more and more companies embrace PPC advertising and advert positioning is getting more competitive. Therefore it is vital to focus your budget on attracting the right sort of people to your website by outlining a PPC strategy that is clear.