Group Work - An Effective Learning Method

Group work is one of the most effective strategies for learning at any level. It is a powerful teaching device which is used to enhance learning and productivity. At all levels people learn best from their peers in informal groupings whether in the classroom, at workshops, training sessions or other forums.

Group work is a form of collaborative learning which requires members to work closely as a team. Essentially, it is a pooling of knowledge, skills and competencies to produce desired results. It facilitates learning of concepts, solving problems, planning for events, designing projects and allows for discussion, sharing, explanations and exchange of ideas among members.

Traditionally, group work has been done in the classroom/meeting room/conference room. However, in modern times, group projects have become a vital component of course work carrying a fair percentage of the total score at most colleges and universities. These projects are usually assigned at the start of the semester so that students have adequate time for planning and preparation. It is done outside of the classroom at a venue agreed upon by team members or online.