The importance of the material used in wholesale bags

We cannot ignore the importance when we choose the bag for use. And it is also necessary for the producer when they start their first step for the making of the China wholesale personalized bags. Do you want to know about how important about this? Let’s talk about this together.


 Material is expected to the first process during production. A material quality directly affects the cost of the product quality and product. Therefore, the opening cut is one of the highly technical processes. Steps in turn is expected to open etching, polishing, waxing, punching, molding, drilling, cutting, assembling, shaping, forming, bending, pressing.

First, sampling: Spreading the leather on the table, check the quality of hides and parts of disability and the feasibility of using the case where, according to the quality bins. In the first step, you can compare the cheap and practical backpacks in China with other bags and find the differences about them; hen you will find the funny points.

Second, discharge: When nesting, generally the first row of the fan, wall son, plug, and other major fabric bag cover, then rows of small material and minor component materials.

Third, draw samples: After selecting the validation of hides, skins tile put leaflets on the table, laid out the desired model, and check the possibility of using the skin surface disability and hide to make.

Finally, cut samples: sample cut methods are generally two types of cutting with scissors, and the other is to use a knife cutting plan.


Is it funny for you? Guys, you can learn more information about them if you have interest in them. Of course, it is more popular among women of China customized messenger bag and tote bag. You can do research on them too.