Samsung G800 - Fortus Cellular Phone Assessment

Samsung G800 - Fortus Cellular Phone Assessment

The latest addition to the modest, but growing, band of 5-megapixel camera phones is the elegant Samsung G800. The G800 could be the first mobile phone to add an optical zoom with such a high quality camera, while this unique fall phone wasnt the first with a 5-megapixel camera. That Samsung masterpiece is also one of the most useful looking top quality camera phones currently available.

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Raising the Standards in Cellular Imaging

The newest addition to the small, but growing, group of 5-megapixel camera phones will be the trendy Samsung G800. While this phenomenal slide phone wasnt the first with a 5-megapixel camera, the G800 may be the first cellular phone to incorporate an optical zoom with such a superior quality camera. This Samsung masterpiece is also among the most readily useful looking good quality camera phones currently available.

The newest imaging technology can not yet be manufactured in-to an ultra-slim, super lightweight casing, but the Samsung G800 is comfortable to carry and is a great size for taking photographs. The shiny, silver housing is simple, but sleek, and the G800 sports a trendy slider style. The full colour display screen is good for seeing the extraordinary pictures caught with the phones camera, and takes up all the phones experience, measuring 2.4 inches.

An easy navigation pad is located at the base of the screen, alongside two soft keys and the phone call buttons. The Samsung miracle slides available to display an average flat, slider-style keypad. The top row of buttons may be more difficult to access, but the other recommendations may be more easily distinguished than the buttons of several smaller devices. Change the G800 over and the mobile changes in to a digital camera, very similar and comparable to a dedicated camera.

The 5 megapixel camera may be the most fascinating feature with this fashionable slider and there's no doubt why. The Samsung G800 is currently the initial camera phone and could seriously rival some of this years hottest handsets, including the iPhone. Not only does the G800 just take digital camera design photos that may be published on your Pictbridge appropriate printer directly from the device, it also features numerous features previously only found on cameras, like Wide Dynamic Range and face detection. Click here tab 4 7.0 case to research where to flirt with this belief. This camera phone also has a user-friendly camera-like interface that is a primary for mobile phones.

The Samsung G800 requires both pictures and films and features integral editing software for both. The optical zoom element pushes the G800 prior to the opposition and the ability of the real Xenon thumb guarantees great images night and day. Integrated, stereo RADIO and the music player are simply as impressive, providing high quality sound and promoting all common forms.

The G800 is an all-around great cell phone. The internal memory is over many gadgets, at 160 MB, and a memory card slot allows unlimited storage for your favourite tunes, pictures, and games. The Samsung G800 features 3G connectivity in addition to Bluetooth, and helps most kinds of messaging, including email attachments. Unfortunately, wi-fi connectivity was forgotten.

Besides the not enough wi-fi and the notably bulky size, the G800 is just a elegant phone that is making the street for camera phone technology. Recognition of this years most magnificent mobile phone may be just earned the by the Samsung G800. It is difficult to follow along with up on the successful U600 and G600, but Samsung has been doing it successfully and can consider the G800 to be another feather in its top..