What’s the difference between woolen cashmere and worsted cashmere?

Both woolen cashmere yarn and worsted cashmere yarn are widely used in cashmere sweaters. Someone may noticed that the cashmere sweaters which are made up of worsted cashmere is exactly different from the ones consisted of woolen cashmere.


In simple terms, woolen cashmere and worsted cashmere are two kinds of different thickness form in appearance due to the different processes of the cashmere fiber spun yarn.

Woolen cashmere sweater is seemed to have the special effect of the rod needle. It has rich smooth Suede; uniform color with slightly shiny; warm hand touch feel. To some extent, it is easy pilling, if pulled or twisted, will give a little in a process known as elastic deformation. But there are no fold wrinkles if it is folded and pressed.

Worsted cashmere sweater is the best one which is more expensive than the woolen one. It has clearly fine textured and smooth surface. It is super soft, elastic and has natural luster. Worsted cashmere sweater is not easy pilling, and has better thermal performance than woolen cashmere sweater.