Two in the morning to help a man raises a gender

Social competition is so fierce, more and more male friend suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.For men, can fatigue "gamesmanship" has a lot of, such as(Semenax) often stretch and a yawn.
Yawn, people tend to yawn, head leaned back, lift on two arms.So much more blood flowing into the head, the brain can get adequate nutrition.ShenYao back, chest expansion, heart, lungs, stomach and other organs function improved significantly, can promptly eliminate waste.Yawn when chest expansion action can also help others to take in more oxygen, accelerate metabolism, improve the work efficiency of the brain and other organs, relieve fatigue.
  Pan Guangxin also told men a stretch oneself, gape.Yawning, a substance called nitric oxide into the brain.It can control breath, give the penis conveying the necessary energy.Therefore, yawn is one of the convenient, cheap penis maintenance method.
Especially in the morning, the male body (Semenax) are still in a half sleep state.At that moment a stretch and a yawn, with an open mouth can make the waist a workout, and makes nitrogen oxide material to the penis, make sexual ability be enhanced in the morning of a day.