Neople and DFO

Neople just just said"fk you and we dont give a damn of what you think of fp we are keeping it"glad i could clear things up.

Bruh... true fans of the game know it starded with FP, is gonna end with FP and love it that way. You sir, are just a bandwagon fan. You played DFO under Nexon and now since it made a comeback you think you know a thing or two. But that's none of my business. Go play WoW you degenerate lowlife. This is also a shoutout to the "vet" sit your ass down. True vets love fp, because true vets always had fp. I'm a fan since 2009 DFO Gold and I want the FP system. Yes over 400 million people have played Dungeon Fighter worldwide because the fatigue system sucks, right?

At first I was kinda like "Man the FP system again... I'll make due and plan my day out". Now with several characters in the 60's I go.. "Damn... So much FP to burn still... kill me". End game players will see why this works while lower leveled players will keep whining. Eventually everyone will see its a good thing. Its just to buy DFO Gold bad there are so many "adult children" in this audience. They were so spoiled.