Eupec Infineon FZ600R12KE3 - Simple IGBT Driver Circuits for Inverter

Visit to see Eupec Infineon FZ600R12KE3, your solar energy systems booster!


It is the IGBT transistor module that can provide high power to solar converters.  With the capability to produce 600A or 1200V and weighing only 4.41 lbs, FZ600R12KE3 guarantees to give solar converters the ultimate power boost.   


Eupec Infineon FZ600R12KE3 has been known to possess superior aspects far better than the typical devices, such as, high level power integration, integrated temperature sensor and high power density.  It has low switching losses, unparalleled robustness and is even accompanied by high creepage and clearance distances.  What’s more, its isolated base plate even strengthens its power to boost solar energy systems.


You can also maximize the power supply of your commercial, agriculture and constructions vehicles, induction heaters, uninterruptible power supply devices and even numerous welding machines using FZ600R12KE3!


Save money and save the environment by using FZ600R12KE3! Place your orders now at USComponent and experience the difference that FZ600R12KE3 makes.


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