Home Remedies For Oily Face To Get Best Results

The problem of oily face can be irritating. It makes the face look very unattractive. This makes the skin prone to problems like pimples, acne and other skin disorders. It is important to take care of the skin to make it look healthy by having a well balanced diet. This diet should be full of fluids and water to make the skin healthy and well hydrated. The skin becomes healthy and the sebum production is maintained by the use of essential home remedies for skin problems that we are going to discuss below. 

Home Remedies for Oily Face:

The perfect home remedies for oily face is to use the mixture of rice flour with rose water. It will reduce oil production and maintain sebum secretion. It will hence make the skin healthy. Make a thick paste of these two and see the results. You will notice that your skin has become soft, healthy and less oily.

You may also try applying the mixture of 2 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of rose water as highly effective home remedies for oily face. It makes the skin smooth and well enhanced. Use this everyday for best results.

Another approach is the use of gram flour with 1 tablespoon of honey and olive oil. These all should be mixed together and applied to the skin. Massage with this on the face and remove it after 30 minutes by washing it off with plain water. 

The use of sandalwood powder and rose water together is one of the essential home remedies for oily face. Both of these should be mixed in equal proportion and then applied over the face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash. Pat it dry and tone your facial skin with rose water. 

The use of fennel seeds is also perfect for the skin. These, being extraordinary home remedies for oily face, should be soaked in water throughout the night and then grinded the next morning. Now add honey to it and apply it on your face. Leave this for 30 minutes and washed this off with rose water to get wonderful results. 

You may also opt for applying the mixture of aloe vera and honey in equal proportion. Use this regularly and get ready to notice radiant skin without extra oil left. 

The mixture of curd, soy powder and honey is extremely perfect for oily skin. Its thick paste is also considered as effective home remedies for oily face which should be applied and left for 30 minutes. Wash away and repeat the process almost daily. 

Soy milk can be used as one of the most beneficial home remedies for oily face. Massage with this regularly before going to bed. This makes the facial skin soft and smooth without any extra oil left. The skin is well moisturized as well.

Coconut milk is another way out to get out of the mess of oily skin. Your skin must be massaged and left for about half an hour. Rinse your face thoroughly with rose water for prominent results. The excess oil is then removed and the skin is left well hydrated and soft.

Strawberries should be mixed with buttermilk and then grinded to form a paste. Now apply this onto your face. You will observe that the oily face is eradicated and your skin became youthful and glowing. Consuming strawberries regularly also provide immense amount of antioxidants to your body that kill free-radicals drastically. This then improves the health of skin, being the most recommended home remedies for oily face.


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