The Top

Halter tops and sun dresses are like the staple for the summer. Along with bikini wax and overbooked hair removal treatments. Lucky you who have found your best hair removal cream. Now you can face summer with no worries.


Often Overlooked

Every summer, I always watch this flock of girls. They’re flaunting their wax job results, smooth legs and arms, with perfect Brazilian bikini wax. Sadly, they seem to forget that their back is still covered with hairs. Not a lot, but I could see some. So that should count for something. Seriously, they should find the best hair removal cream that easy to use, work for all over their body, and will save them a lot from getting the bikini wax.

Does it matter?

When you wear a halter top a lot, yes it does. A smooth back is a must. Shaving by yourself might be dangerous so your best hair removal cream should be usable without any razor.