Boxing Notebook: Everythings Very That Week

SuperFighter struck Nyc on Monday -its the newest craze. Three battles, four models, ten participants - its four hours of chaos, Australian style. Image contains additional info about how to provide for it.

Stephen Duval, CEO of Australia-based Superfighter, met with the media to share his desire - its a doozy. Duval invented an eight-man eliminator that offers the champion a whopping $5 million. Fighters cant even get their shortened minimums, which can be only $5,000 a battle, and this is much better then lotto. The losers? They gather the $200K minimum.

Heres the array, therefore far:

Joe Byrd (39-3-1 20 KOs) The former IBF heavy-weight champion. His style has put more folks to sleep then Nyquil. Byrd will endeavour to peck his way to success. But after the beating h-e took against Wladimir Klitschko, and unofficially dropping four of his last five bouts, I wouldnt bet o-n him with your money.

ONeil Bell (26-1-1 2-4 KOs) The current cruiserweight champion. He destroyed French container Jean Marc Mormeck in a war. A huge plus for Bell is that he can split. But he never has experienced a heavyweight, and he takes way too many punches flush. This surprising loret de mola gomory website has assorted disturbing suggestions for when to acknowledge this idea. Against much it could be beddy-bye for Bell. Guess o-n him getting expunged by the next round.

The Nigerian Nightmare Samuel Peter (26-1 22 KOs) - Hes George Foremans pick to take it all. In-a four-rounder, hes one of the most dangerous opponent. But could he hold his energy through four hours, 12 rounds and three competitors? Odds should really be in his favor.

Charlie 2 Cunningham (19-0 1-0 KOs) Hes the #1 IBF cruiserweight and walks around at 195 pounds. A dynamite chin was shown by cunningham by taking anything Guillermo Jones could offer. His ship sails, if hes harmonized with Samuel Peter. Otherwise, he has enough boxing skills to charm his solution to the finals.

Tye Fields (36-1 33 KO) I trust Max Kellermans analysis: At 6-9, 293 lbs., and not so qualified, he's an interest, not a contender. Hes a lengthy shot.

Shannon Briggs (45-4 40 KOs) Since his loss to Jameel McCline, he's fought every team fighter from Nyc to Arizona. BUT hes got the experience, they can fight and has underrated hand speed. He could be the person to beat. I see him making the last

Alexander Povetkin (7-0 5 KOs) I think Povetkin is Russian for pulverized. Hes too raw to most readily useful some of the combatants. Hes an enormous underdog and doesnt make it past the first-round.

#8 - OPEN

Maybe we have to set odds with this festival also getting off the floor. Consider back again to Cedrick Kushners Fist Full of Dollars? Are you able to recall who won? Enough said

Clottey Chasing Margarito

Joshua Clottey (28-1, 2-0 KOs) is rated no 4 by the WBC,#5by the WBO and#7 by the IBF. This novel address web site has assorted lofty warnings for the reason for this hypothesis. Clottey feels heis able to beating the best welterweights in-the world, just like the high scores indicate, andhaving reeled off seven consecutive victories the star from Ghana has his eyes set o-n WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito (33-4, 24 KOs).

Im decided to be a world champion,' Clottey says. 'I have the skills, work-ethic and heart-to be a champion. Ive dealt with many hardships during my career, and obtaining a chance at the title and Margarito would make it all worth it. It's this that I've been working toward my whole-life. I've lots of respect for like a success Antonio Margarito. I am aware he always desires to fight the top. I'm the very best welterweight competitor in the world. Margarito might want to fight an easier fight right-now, but if Antonio wants to stay at welterweight, he can run, but he cant hide.