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more and more people lve meitu mobilephone.

Last night, the science and technology held a press conference in Beijing, officially released a new generation of mobile phone Mito, Mito mobile phone named M4. Compared to the previous generation products, mobile phone M4 beauties in appearance almost does not have what difference, but there is not a small upgrade configuration. In contrast, the previous generation products, although the screen size and resolution, but is equipped with MT6592 eight core 1.7GHz processor, dual front and rear 13000000 pixel camera SONY is also on the generation of IMX135, but does not support the 4G network and the dual frequency Wi-Fi. Mito M4 moonlight white and dazzling red, mint green three colors, as well as the Hello Kitty special edition. Mito phone M4 Standard Edition (32GB) is priced at 2199 yuan, Hello Kitty special edition is priced at 2499 yuan.

As in the past, Mito mobile phone M4 is the main red line, after all, is more like the beautiful women, charming color. In addition, mint green, white moon a total of three kinds of color

The fuselage can see huge front camera, pixel value as high as 13000000, the stack back illuminated camera.

Front of the machine is arranged at the lower part of the Android mobile phone used three virtual backlit buttons, from left to right are the menu key, the HOME key and back key. Because of back uses the same curved battery grip is very comfortable.

The M4 is equipped with a 13000000 pixel rear camera SONY new generation: have a much better noise reduction technology, excellent color reproduction capabilities, more suitable for low light shooting large aperture.Mito specifically in the fuselage side to arrange a camera shutter button, when the girl with the self timer, you can easily use the thumb to press the shutter, very easy to use.
In a wprd love meitu mobilephone!