The effect of diet pills

Now medicine reducing weight is varied, different weight-loss drug effect also have differences.So what drug effect is good?Want to eat diet pills weight loss of girl, in addition to choose proper diet pills, for medicine reducing weight to eat time also need to know.Because the time of taking diet pills are often determines the effect reducing weight.
Weight loss is the most important to eat the lose weight, but less fat.Sometimes less fat, people look more even and not reduce weight?To often eat outside, and unable to control his mouth of girl, can choose the side effects of la jiao shou shen thermal control drugs.
La jiao shou shen mainly thermal control block starch and fat absorption, let you even eat greasy food won't get fat.These drugs can be long-term use, but this kind of drug is not suitable for excessive edible, no more than two times a day.Otherwise it will cause inadequate nutrient intake.And when the intake of starchy foods is not much, can not eat.