Our Top Cannabis Pick Gets 1.65 Price Target

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AIRMASTER- -<1 This brand is from UNITED INTERNATIONAL CO. based in Taiwan. They offer both models with mechanical controls as well as those with digital controls. The units use a condensate tank that requires you to dump it. Their website is not much help and does not have a stated warranty policy.

ALPATEC---<1 This brand is from WHITE AND BROWN which is a part of TAURUS GROUP. They offer two sizes of dehumidifiers and feature electronic controls. Their website does not have a stated guarantee for their products.

August 4, 2014: Quirky responded to some of our questions about our experience with the Aros. They let us know that our issues with the Smart Schedule feature were atypical, and that there is now a software update that offers user control over the LED indicators" brightness. We’ve updated the guide. http://bestdehumidifierreview.com

July 18, 2014: It’s the most-talked-about air conditioner in a very long time, so we tested the new Quirky + GE Aros smart A/C. It’s a nice first effort, and they get a lot of things right, but there are major bugs with the software that prevent us from recommending it yet. See the Why not Aros? section for details from our hands-on tests.

There’s a noteworthy "smart" accessory coming out soon: The tado Cooling AC controller Its main features are smartphone control and geofencing, just like the Quirky. The upside? The tado should work with any air conditioner that uses a remote—no need to buy all-new hardware just to make your old AC less dumb. Wall-mount it within remote range of your AC (window, portable, whatever works with a remote), and it will respond to commands from a smartphone app. CNET published a great first-look article on it.

Now we just need to see if it works right. The company behind it made a similar accessory for heating systems a few years ago, which bodes well. Its Kickstarter project was successfully funded in June, and should be available in August for $149.

June 5, 2014: Portable air conditioners are not a good replacement for a window unit. That said, if you must have portable, we now have a suggestion for you: the LG LP1214GXR See our new portables subsection Also, we messed up earlier when we said the Amazon and Lowe’s versions of our main pick, the Frigidaire FFRE0833Q1 , were exactly the same. There is a difference: the Lowe’s unit does not include the handy built-in thermometer in the remote, or come with an ionizing filter.

The particular model we tested is rated at 8,000 BTU, meant for spaces between 300 and 350 square feet—about the size of a comfy living room or master bedroom. You can expect any model in the 33Q1 series to perform well, so if you need to chill a larger or smaller area, pick the one with the corresponding BTU rating.

If the Frigidaire sells out, you’ll be well served by our runner-up pick, the LG LW8014ER It too meets the new Energy Star spec at a reasonable price (around $240), but it lacks the convenient features of the remote thermometer and energy-saving sleep mode.” It’s also not quite as efficient as our top pick. However, it’s still a good air conditioner and more efficient than most other 2014 models. The Frigidaire is just better.