you are always trying to control the opponent the ball

In FIFA 15 in your teammates and opponents in the race will be re-organized tactical style according to the situation, to compete for the initiative. Swing bus, grab spit, drag the time - you need to overcome. You can also set your team swing coach, restrain the opponent's tactics.

You can see the AI behind the long-ball style of play when using Bash restricted area, or when the ball to the corner flag ahead with the delay time.

In FIFA 14, you are always trying to control the opponent the ball, and sometimes to make people cautious Daojiao egg pain. But in FIFA 15, they can act at the very time, positive forward runs do not look back - it will make your game experience more colorful.

Authentic Player Visuals

This is the second time that the football needs, thanks to new rendering technology. In FIFA 15 game, you can observe many details of the player's face, this is first time in fifa game history.

You can see the flowing of the hair and facial expressions. The new model's personality will allow you to distinguish visually the players is thin, strong or athletic ability.

The movement of jerseys is very real and it can change depending on the environment. As the game progresses, jerseys will become dirty with getting grass and mud.

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