How to choose LED lighting for fixtures factory?

According to industrial plants, lighting points are divided into the high-ceiling lighting and low ceiling. According to LED light supplier china, lighting operating environment requirements need scientific design to ensure the comfort and safety of workers and improve work efficiency and product quality.


Therefore, we should introduce high-efficiency lighting, and make sure to have greater control lighting effects by reducing energy consumption. There are two points we should pay attention to. First, we should deal with the high ceiling lighting. Large industrial plant machinery has very high ceiling. In general, we should adopt the general flux and high efficiency LED mining lamp. Illumination from the ceiling height and design considerations, we need to select the appropriate light fixtures. In the medium-height ceiling mounting height of about 5-10M, we recommended buying the LED according to type and width and the type of light fixtures, light angle wide illumination uniformity. It is not the matter of buying some LED tubes from T8 LED tube light suppliers. We should consider all the factors affecting the lighting effect. In addition, we should make a plan for the low ceiling lighting. Most of the low ceiling factories have the smaller industrial plant production lines, assembly lines. So for the lighting devices, they have recommended a higher luminous efficiency of LED lamp, plus with Grille. (Factory uses a grid filled with explosion-proof fluorescent tube two lampshades).


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