The Future of Dubai Web Design is Responsive


As per an estimate, the use of internet on cell phones will be equal to the number of desktop users in 2015. But despite of the ever-increasing trend to the smartphones, some websites are not device friendly. It is annoying for the users as well as a cause of losses for the website owners.


The responsive web design Dubai is designed in two basic ways, i.e. with the help of mobile templates and mobile site responsive design. The responsive design is adaptable to all kinds of screen sizes irrespective of the device platform while the mobile template is totally different and demands you to create a separate site for mobile. They are not according to the size of the screen. So, the latter s problematic. Actually, the term RWD (Responsive Web Design) was introduced in 2010. Now, its benefits are obvious and the future of Dubai web design is definitely responsive.  


Let us review some of the statistical records regarding the cellular usage:


Almost twenty percent Google Search is going on cell phones nowadays. An estimate made in 2012 says that the local search was conducted above average. A recent US record shows that around twenty five percent visitors accessed the internet on smartphones. About sixty one percent people are those who are using branded phones and having an awesome user experience. More than twenty five percent emails are accessed on the cell phones and above ten percent on tabs.


The user experience depends upon the responsiveness of your website. When a visitor browses it and finds what he wants, he will more likely (sixty seven percent) shop your product or get your service, whereas rest of the percentage shows the chance that the user will leave the website, if he is not able to find the expected results from your site just because it is not responsive.


Next reason for the bright future of RWD is that almost fifty five percent of the mobile users tend to use blogging and social media websites on their phone. A responsive design is liked due to search engine optimization and fast speed of page load. It, of course, is adaptable to all the future devices.