Nice to meet(?) you!

Nice to meet(?) you!


This is my first time doing this blogging thing and I think it's appropriate to introduce myself first before I proceed to tell my audience (if I have one haha) the story of my life.


You can call me by the name Hana. People call me weird but I prefer the term 'uniquely interesting'. I know, I'm refreshing. Haha! I guess I am a little peculiar. -YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED- I am a language enthusiast. I love learning languages, especially Japanese, so I guess most of my entries would be about this topic (I'm still not certain though) but I think my entries would probably be about my boring life so if you are bored and have nothing to do, you can read the entries on this blog and just laugh and be thankful that you are not as idiotic and/or as lazy as me. Haha!


I just finished highschool and I am LITERALLY rotting at home. I'm waiting for any calls from the universities that I applied for and I am just CRAZY BORED. Life recently has been just me and my phone as I breathe and think about how to lose weight without having to exercise. So, yeah. How very productive! yes




Much love,

Hana. heart