Getting Chartered Engineer Certificate Is Mandatory For Exporting Goods To India

It is an excellent idea to export used machineries and equipment to India. However, before shipping your goods, there are few important things that you need to remember. The first and the most important thing that you will require is a Chartered Engineer Certificate. Unless, you have this certificate, you cannot export your goods. Moreover, the certificate will be issued only by testing and ensuring about the quality of the products you are shipping. The inspectors will undertake physical inspection of the machineries and check out the condition before granting the certificate. It is one of the most crucial things that you cannot overlook.

Giving The Opinion:

Now the question that arises in this context is who will issue the certificate. Well, the certificate can be issued by an agency that is mandated by the government of India. Before granting the certification, proper inspection of the machines is done. The condition, the current market value and the balance life of the machinery are checked in the process. Apart from that, experts also check the contents in the equipment including the spare parts. The companies issuing these certificates will have expert chartered engineers for carrying out thorough inspections for the same.

Preparing A Comprehensive Report:

On the basis of the inspection, they will prepare a comprehensive report. The report will comprise of the above mentioned details that gives a clear idea of the condition of the equipment. Consequently, you can expect to get the Chartered Engineer Certificate. Once you have this certificate, you can be certain that you will not have any problem in custom clearance in India. Make sure that the companies you choose follow strict guidelines on inspection. It is on the basis of the report that the custom officials will make their own assessments. A renowned company with proper report will ensure that you do not experience any hassle in the Indian port.

Get Help From The Best Company:

There are several companies that are ready to offer the certificate for exporting goods to India. However, you should always select a good and reputed company for proper and accurate report. In addition to that, the company you choose should also provide services at different harbors and airport around the world. Check out with the rates, and if possible, you can even compare the rates with other companies. These are some of the crucial things that will help you export goods to India without any trouble.

A Chartered Engineer (CE) Certification is required to export old or used Plants and Machinery to India. It is mandatory to produce during customs clearance for such goods in India.