Packing Personal computer for a Shift

If you are a technology cautious and have a personal computer along with you, in that case your move could affect you a bit. Persona computer system is among the complicated stuff to pack for a move. There are a couple of causes in support of this the fist one is because of much link of it and the other one is the sensibility. Packaging Computer is a technology dependent action thus you should be informed of the head and toe of it before trying it a try.


Packing of personal computer is based on divide and pack method. You have to detach numerous device of the computer system to pack it. You can’t pack it as it is as it is positioned in the study room. You have to take away every piece and pack all of them individually. Firstly transfer all the important and relevant data files of your system in a secure location, to ensure that in case if your personal computer meets with any damages you can get back your computer data easily. Before packing CPU take out all disks and USB cables from this. Pack it in the original packaging in order that it could be adjusted properly in that. Now for packing monitor you have to be much careful for doing so. Cover the panel with thermo sheet, or simply screen guard, then keep brown paper or newspaper over it. Once it’s packed securely then keep it in the carton box and seal the opening well. Keep all the essential add-ons like mouse, web cam, and keyboard set, together to use them fast in the new place. @ packers and movers gurgaon sadar bazaar @ packers and movers sector 7 @ packers and movers gurgaon sector 8 @

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