Right after a handful of nights of working at a hotline, answering calls from individuals in numerous varieties of issues, the liner learns to respond to most difficulties with a type of concerned objectivity. But, some issues seem to tap a method of responses which typically are not therapeutic and leave the listener with feelings of hurt, anger, or uselessness. Who can forget the pantics of Queensland's wine glass plonker Peter Dowling, the Liberal National party member who used his willie as a swizzle stick or Western Australia's erstwhile Liberal Opposition Leader Troy Buswell , notorious for sniffing a chair seat vacated by a female colleague and indulging in such playful frolics as 'squirrel gripping' (also known as the 'Christmas handshake', thanks Roy and HG ) and for dry-humping male colleagues.

Legislation and laws that pertain to ladies, like the enforcing, policing and punitive aspects, are both proscribed, inscribed and imposed upon us by a male majority, both inside and with no Parliament u2014 a sort of political and bureaucratic shariah, at times referred to as 'democracy'.

International warrants and debate more than the control of women's sexuality and reproductive rights continues and in Australia, the rights of the person in relation to abortion are also topic to the dicta of the male dominated legislature of the States and Territories.

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