Men go "catwalk" can strong kidney

 To kidney, strong men (bulls genital) for all kinds of fitness secret recipe notting have is not high attention.It's not, it is a fashion model patent "catwalk", is also considered a step "fit" enhanced sexual function.
"Catwalk" model on T stage, its characteristic is feet feet are "one" glyph walked in a line.China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital uropoiesis surgical department deputy director of the deep, said that "catwalk", besides can enhance physical fitness, alleviate psychological pressure, due to the position on a range of hip, the human body pussy can have the effect of a certain degree of extrusion and massage.
  A perineal body pussy hole, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, perineum point ren meridian, is the point of ren and du the intersection of two pulse.Press the hole is not only beneficial to urinary tract care, but also to the whole body of physical illnesses.
High director suggests, the male spare some time every day for a walk "catwalk", can fill kidney, enhance sexual function.
And torsional hip can not only keep the groin muscle tension, also can improve the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, for men, can prevent and alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis, while women can relieve the pelvic congestion, reduce abdominal drop and pain.
In addition, every day do belly in one form and improve sexual function (bulls genital) one of the good way, exerciseing the PC muscle is very effective, but also can reduce the pelvic congestion.