My Summer sucks!!!!

Before I start I would like to say something first. Sorry for using many bad words in my previous post. Its just that.. I carried on to much emotions while writing it. Second, sorry if I haven't been that active in my blog. Many things happened lately and most of it were not that important. Lastly, sorry if my English/grammar are not that good. (Pls. understandcheeky).  In these past few days I.. got "busy" watching many Korean novelas, variety shows and K-pop (of course). When I woke up at 9:30 am or around 10 o' clock in the morning I immediately open my laptop and start watching until 10:00 pm. And in the next day I will do it again (a routine). Yup, I am aware that I am really wasting my time. You see.. everytime summer comes I plan so many things but didn't actually do it. Pretty lame if you say.. I got really lazy to go somewhere else because of this very hot weather and I prefer to slack of in my room with an aircon. However, this coming May 8 my father will be going in Cebu and maybe just maybe I will come too. After Cebu he will also be going in Dumaguete where I haven't been there before. I want to come but "this girl" will also be there who can ruin everything just like my vacation before. "This girl" now lives in my grandmother's house with her annoying "son".  O yeah by the way my Aunt and my grandmother will going in Cebu after vacationing in Norway.