Difficulty In Getting Erections, Saffron M Power Capsule Is What You Need

What is erection?

Erection is referred to as a physiological phenomenon in which the male genital region becomes firmer, stronger, enlarged as well as engorged. Erection is also known as penile erection and sometimes as penile tumescence. Erection takes place as a result to different complicated mechanisms including endocrine and neural factors. Difficulty in getting erections is a common problem.

What are the causes of difficulty in erection?

Many factors are directly and indirectly involved in difficulty in getting erections. There are some diseases which also affect the quality of erections. Some of the causes of difficulty in getting erections are:

1. Atherosclerosis 

2. Hypertension

3. Depression

4. Disorders like Parkinson's disease

5. Diabetes

6. Medicines like antidepressants, high blood pressure medicines and sleeping pills

7. Low levels of hormone testosterone

8. Complications in Prostate surgery

9. Neural damage

10. Over usage of alcohol, cocaine and nicotine

11. Injury in spinal cord

12. Emotions including anxiety, stress, anger, failure and doubt

13. Expectations. If a person expects too much from sex, he is not going to get the right erections

14. Poor communication with the love partner.

How do Saffron M Power Capsules and Oil solve the problem of difficulty in getting quality erections?

Most men are likely to get soft erection problems. One of the best cures for soft erection and hard erection problems is usage of Saffron M Power capsule and oil. Saffron M Power capsules are taken in combination with Saffron M Power oil as herbal treatment for difficulty in getting erections. Saffron M Power capsules are highly effective since they contain a herb known as gokhru which is involved in curing the weakness in men. Another important ingredient in these capsules is Shilajit. It not only enhances men's power of making love but also control the symptoms of blood pressure, diabetes, pain and anxiety which are involved indirectly in difficulty in erections. Saffron is the most important ingredient in Saffron M Power capsule and oil. It helps in curing the infertility of person and also impotence.

Saffron M Power oil is used to enhance the results of Saffron M Power capsule. This oil enters in to the body and repairs the tissues and vessels present in genital region. It is also involved in early dilation of nerves that increases the rate of blood flow during arousal. 

What is the dosage of Saffron M Power Capsules and Saffron M Power Oil?

1. 1 Saffron M Power Capsule per day with water or milk combined with a daily massage of Saffron M Power oil for 3 to 4 months in case of weak erections.

2. If the problem is severe and person is totally unable to perform in bed then 2 Saffron M Power Capsules combined with daily massage of Saffron M Power oil should be taken for a period of 6 months.

What are the side effects of the usage of this treatment?

As it is a herbal treatment and the capsules and oil are totally composed of natural ingredients hence there are no known negative side effects of this treatment

What is expected time for the best results?

It depends on the severity of the condition. Mostly the treatment shows its effect within 30 to 60 days of treatment. But it is advisable to take it for a period of 3 to 4 months to get positive and fast result.


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