How can I talk To my parents?

How can I talk To my parents?

How can I talk

To my parents?


“I tried really hard to tell my parents how I felt,

But it didn’t come out right-and they just cut me

Off. It took a lot for me to get up the nerve to express

Myself, and it was a complete failure!” –Rosa.

WHEN you were younger, your parents were probably the first ones you ran to for advice. You freely expressed your thoughts and feelings, and you had confidence in their advice.

          Now, though, you might feel that your parents just can’t relate to you anymore. “One evening at mealtime I began to cry and pour out my feeling,” says a girl named Edie. “My parents listened, but they didn’t seem to understand.”  The result? “I just went to my bedroom and cried some more!

          On the other hand, sometimes you might prefer not to open up to your parents. “I talk to my parents about many subjects,” says a boy named Christopher. “But I like it that sometimes they don’t know everything I’m thinking.”

          Is it wrong to keep some thoughts to yourself? Not necessarily-as long as you’re not being deceitful. (Proverbs 3:32) Nevertheless, whether your parents don’t seem to understand you or you are holding back, one thing is certain: You need to talk to your parents – and they need to hear from you.

Keep Talking!

In some ways, communicating with our parents is like driving a car. If you encounter a roadblock, ou don’t; give up; you simply find another route. Consider two examples.

ROADBLOCK  1       You need to talk, but you parents don’t seem to be listening.  “I find it difficult to communicate with my father, “says a girl named Leah. “Sometimes I’ll talk to him for a while and then he’ll say, ‘I’m sorry, were you speaking to me?”

QUESTION: What if Leah really needs to discuss a problem?  She has at least three options.

Just as a roadblock need not be

A dead end, you can find a way

y to get through and communicate

with you parents!