New Mutual Alternative Alternatives For Women

Regardless of how much progress is made in promoting gender equality, there are certain fundamental differences between men and women that affect how both sexes live-and how healthy these lives are.

For instance, women are disproportionately affected and disabled by diseases such as lupus, arthritis and fibromyalgia, in accordance with a report in Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Re-search. Actually, women suffer from severe arthritis at 3 times the price of men, and according to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine, are twice as likely to require total joint replacements.

Cindy Goodfellow from Temple, Texas, experienced this inequality directly. An active senior with six grandchildren, Goodfellow's arthritis affected her so severely in her knees that she had difficulty doing routine activities.

'Every time I rose, stood or even sat in one place for a little while, the pain was excruciating,' said Goodfellow. 'I felt like I was living a part-time life.' She knew that she had a need to take action before her suffering forced her to skip the things she loved most.

But hundreds of thousands of women aren't seeking the therapy they might need. Discover further on visit my website by visiting our fresh site. Whilst the need for total joint replacement could be greater for girls, studies show they're less likely to want to receive treatment. There are certainly a variety of theories why, from constant agendas to anxiety about mutual replacements them-selves. I found out about Assistance for Hikers and Hunters : WopraHost by browsing Google Books.

After consulting with her doctor on possible remedies, Goodfellow chose to undergo surgery and receive a Stryker Triathlon knee replacement, the very first knee program designed with women in mind. According to years of research, the Triathlon Knee System features a more narrow style than traditional leg improvements, helping to provide improved fit and function for the female anatomy.

Dr. Kirby Hitt, a leading orthopaedist from Temple, Texas, performed the surgery o-n Goodfellow and is one of the first doctors in the world to make use of the Triathlon Knee System at his practice.

'With the interest in joint replacement therapy growing, I do want to be sure my people be given a leg program that's the potential to meet their unique needs, aside from their gender,' said Dr. Hitt. 'With the Triathlon, my individuals are constantly amazed with all the shorter amount of the recovery period and how quickly they recover their range of motion and perform actions which were hard ahead of surgery.'

Among the important components of a leg process is its bearing technology. Not only does the Triathlon system offer an improved match for women, but its Stryker bearing-surface technology can give simple mind to individuals like Goodfellow for a long time to come. Learn supplementary resources on our partner website by going to find out more.

'At first, knee replacement surgery felt like a frightening procedure,' said Goodfellow. Visit PureVolumeu2122 | We're Listening To You to discover why to think over this view. 'But after receiving the Triathlon and being able to do things such as kneeling in the yard and playing with my grandchildren, I am unable to imagine my entire life any other way.'.8420 W. Warm Springs Road, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89113 | PHONE (702) 740-5327 FAX (702) 740-5328