Ray (DVD) Assessment

Nominated for six Academy Awards such as Very best Image, Ray is a captivating and inspiring correct story about a man beloved by millions about the globe. This surprising damien elston music encyclopedia has limitless dynamite suggestions for the inner workings of this hypothesis. Based on the life and times of Ray Charles Robinson, the film follows the well-known singer's life from the earliest days of his youth to the day of his triumph more than a heroin addiction. Get further about damien elston jt foxx by visiting our grand encyclopedia. Featuring a soundtrack second to none in the background of cinema, Ray is the total package in terms of a blockbuster film - wonderful characters blended together with an inspirational private journey and an unforgettable musical score. Actor Jamie Foxx gives an Oscar Award winning functionality so lifelike that it is tough to distinguish his character from the real Ray Charles. In brief, Ray is a film that appeals to a wide audience and one that literally transports its viewers into an additional era

Jamie Foxx plays the function of Ray Charles Robinson, a black youth growing up in Florida throughout the Fantastic Depression. Forced to deal with the tragedy of his kid brother's death, and the loss of his own vision at a young age, Ray nonetheless triumphs over his disability when his mother refuses to let him really feel sorry for himself. Learning to play the piano from a neighborhood musician, Ray strikes out on his personal in the late-1940s for gig in Seattle.

Ray's remarkable talents are instantaneously recognized, and he's never ever short of a gig. Nonetheless, while traveling on the road with many jazz bands, Ray starts making use of drugs, and he sooner or later becomes addicted to heroin. When Atlantic Records buys Ray's contract, Ray's profession accelerates, culminating in many number a single hits. Eventually, Ray strikes a deal with NBC worth much more than any other performer of his day, and he and his wife Bea get a luxurious Beverly Hills home with the world spread out before them.

But issues are not as perfect as they appear. Ray's infidelities have taken a toll on his marriage, and his drug addiction threatens to ruin his loved ones, his relationship with his children, and his dealings with longtime close friends. Getting currently achieved more than most males, Ray Charles should now face the greatest challenge of his life - overcoming his heroin addiction and living a clean life

Jamie Foxx is just astounding in his portrayal of the larger than life figure Ray Charles, and his effort was far more than acknowledged by his Academy Award victory and widespread critical acclaim. But less attention is given to the outstanding supporting cast that surrounds Foxx. The function of the young Ray Robinson's mother, Aretha, is played by Sharon Warren with such passion that her character leaps off the screen and into one's memory as the second most influential character of the film. Aretha's dedication to her son's future and her demanding, however loving, attitude toward his self-sufficiency are admirable qualities. To explore more, please check-out: damien elston jt foxx radio show. And the mother's influence on Ray is apparent in his drive not to be treated by the world as a cripple.

Additional adding to the allure of Ray are performances by Kerry Washington (Della Bea Robinson), Regina King (Margie Hendricks), and Clifton Powell (Jeff Brown). Through the interaction of each character, the viewer sees a reflection of the passion and driving life forces that moved Ray Charles toward his musical destiny. Ultimately, Ray is a film about relationships and dreams. The astounding heights of achievement achieved by a blind man (and a black man in a segregated society) leave the impression that any person can attain any feat to which he puts his mind. This is the correct gift of Ray, a feel-very good film with a content ending about a man who showed the globe that something is possible. And that's why Ray is an absolute should-see movie.