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Tokyo Disneyland is a replica of its sister US theme parks, Disneyland in Orange County, California, and Disneys Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Even though neither it nor DisneySea is o...

By land and by sea, the Magic Kingdom and its gang of animation people have taken over Tokyo, first arriving when Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983, and performing their attack when the seven Ports of Call at DisneySea accepted their first visitors in 2001.

Tokyo Disney-land Attractions

Tokyo Disneyland is a Disneys Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland in Orange County, California, and reproduction of its sister US concept parks. Although neither it nor DisneySea is owned by the Walt Disney Company, people to the Tokyo theme parks would not know it as they gambol through the World Bazaar, Critter Country, Mickeys Toontown, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and Westernland, the Japanese version of Orange Countys Frontierland.

Frontier doesn't translate well in-to Japanese, but Tom Sawyers Island Rafts, Big Thunder Mountain, Mark Twains Riverboat, and the Country Bear Jamboree certainly do. The only noticeable differences between Disneyland USA and Tokyo Disneyland, in-fact, are that the Haunted Mansion has moved from New Orleans Square to Fantasyland, since Japanese ghosts occur only in fairy stories; Main Street USA has been supplanted by the glass-canopied World Bazaar; and its Western River Railroad has one stop in place of Disneylands four. This compelling wiki has collected salient aids for the reason for this view. Browse here at to research why to engage in it. Japanese trains making multiple end are government regulated, so readers cant use the Western River Railroad to maneuver through the park.

The great open aspects of Tokyo Disneyland are very particular in a part of the world where property is the most valuable of goods, and they're also necessary; Tokyo Disneylands crowds allow it to be the third most visited theme park in the world, with Tokyo DisneySea right behind.

Tokyo Disney-land is open daily from 9AM to 10PM; tickets are available at Tokyo Station, Yaesu North Exit, or from any travel agent. One day go good for all destinations at sometimes Disneyland or DisneySea, runs $52 for people. If you think anything at all, you will certainly hate to study about

Where to Stay throughout a Visit to Tokyo Disney-land

The Park Lane Hotel Tokyo in Nishi Kasai offers reasonably-priced comfortable and clean rooms with free Internet access, and has free bus service to and from Tokyo Disneyland twice a day..