Nintendo 3DS 9.4.0-21 released. Is the R4 3DS flashcart compatible ?

Nintendo 3DS launched the 9.4.-21 a handful of hours in the past.Dose R4 3DS,SKY3DS,R5SDHC,and Gateway 3DS operates on the most recent 3DS 9.4.-21 ?

The News from the Nintendo:

Major improvements for model 9.4.-21U

Update launched: December 11th, 2014

More improvements to all round program stability and other minor adjustments have been produced to improve the consumer expertise.

Following we have tested, this is a extremely tiny improve. The pace is quite rapidly. and practically nothing too considerably has been modified.

Which 3DS game flashcart will work on 3DS 9.4.-21

The SKY3DS will work nicely on the 3DS 9.four.-21. Now the sky3ds and r5sdhc (they are the very same card with different brand). are the only 3ds game flashcart which you can use to play all the 3DS games on your 3DS 9.four.-21. (3DS games is not like the DS Video games.) the latest Nintendo 3DS games are all with the 3DS on the retail card. So if you want to play the most recent games (Pokemon x&y,Super smash bros.....) You can only use these two flashcart.

SKY3DS assistance constrained 3DS games which is imply you can perform as numerous 3DS video games as you want. 3ds-linker from USA reseller: we offer the most effective service and you will not want worry about the game roms, we will send the game souce to you.

All the R4 cards can only perform old ds games. ( the games made for DSi and DS console), You can appreciate 5500+ totally free DS games on your 3DS,2DS console with the r4 flashcart.