Ways to Enjoy MP3s Through A Vintage Stereo Receiver

For those who vogue on your own as an audiophile and just threw down an honest wad of money over a new A/V receiver, you probably won’t like hearing that the receivers of yesteryear produce equivalent audio Why is that? Technological advancement, ironically.

I just bought the Yamaha RX-V375 receiver. I’m not a tech geek, but generally do not possess a challenge hooking up electronics. For many rationale I can’t get my Sony CD player to hook up. The CD participant only has 2 input/out (pink & white cable) and they are in the correct spots. Where on the receiver do I hook these into? As far as I know, I’ve tried every spot, and haven’t had any success. Please help. Thank you.

I’ve hooked the plugs in the back and have had the setting on the front correspond with it (Audio 1, Audio 2, etc.). Question, do I need a different cord? The one I have has 2 (purple and white) ends on each end. Do I need something different (something with 3 ends on one end?) My CD participant only has 2 spots, a red and a white one. Thanks for your help, this was suppose to be a quick easy set-up.

Looking for advice. my pioneer vsx 1019ah’s hdmi stopped working. So I’m considering the sony STR-DN1040 or the Yamaha RX-V 675. both have reviews of hdmi problems? but then again, seems like you can find that about every receiver.

Almost anything can have HDMI issues, but they really almost all use the same HDMI chipsets. In the event you see one that specifically doesn’t work with a device you have, then I would be certain to avoid that, but some HDMI issues exist in everything. Bigger vendors normally do a good job of fixing them, though.
Chris, Great article. After reading it, I searched for the closeout Pioneer VSX-822-K that you noted. Found it refurbished for $160, bought it, and it’s perfect for our needs. Have one question that I haven’t solved on-line. We have a very bluetooth speaker in a room which is about 15 feet from the receiver. Is there any way to add a bluetooth transmitter to the receiver’s audio for pickup/play by the speaker. I realize this receiver has AirPlay which is much better, but AirPlay speakers are pricey, and I already own the Bluetooth speaker which has audio good enough for us. Is there a way to do this? The Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices seems to only allow enter streaming from a remote device to the receiver.

The Yamaha RX-V773WA does come with pre-outs for external amp. I confirmed it by talking to a Yamaha engineer, and the price is $450-500. The only difference between the 775 and the 773 is the support for MHL. You do not need MHL in case you have an Apple TV for iOS devices, which will cost $100 vs paying an extra 300 to have it on the 775 receiver.

Here’s a great thread on Logitech’s site in reference to the Sony receiver & the Harmony remote - step by step. Hope this helps! Doesn’t seem extremely difficult but as always, YMMV. Good pick, let us know how you like it!

I love the fact that this author really breaks it down into what you need and you should not. For myself, I think this obsession with channels and audio perfection is crazy, reminds me of people who used to pay $500 for a phono needle back in the day. Love the economy approach.

One functionality that I’m looking for is the ability to perform wired speakers in other rooms. I’ve got wiring all over my house, but this receiver, as with most these days, seems totally lacking in what used to be called Speaker A/B and now seems to be called multi-zone.