Does An excellent Stereo Receiver Rely To be a "Headphone Amp"?

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AirPlay over a receiver or nearly anything besides an AppleTV is audio only. Performing around WiFi is good, even so the price estimate to the WiFi chip with AirPlay after i observed it absolutely was $15-20 for the chip. When you take into consideration the retail price of a product is often 4-5x the invoice of resources (to account for R&D, marketing, warranty, dealer overhead, shipping, etc…) then adding AirPlay can easily add $75 to the price of the receiver.
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That’s likely not worth it for most companies. I"d assume some get a better deal or the associated fee has gone down by now, but I know companies don’t want to add an extra processor for room correction because it might charge $1 with the chip, and that’s in a $2,500 receiver. So as long as AirPlay remains a expense premium, I don’t expect it to be in everything.

Hi, wondering if someone can answer this question for me. There are two HDMI outputs on this receiver. Is it possible for me to run two displays off of one receiver? For example can I output one video signal to a projector and another one to a TV? I have an awkward set up in our theater room. Please advise.

Just for your information, while Onkyo does offer a 2 year warranty, there are not many Onkyo Authorized service centers (or even authorized independent repair shops). There isn’t a single one in Wisconsin where I live for example. This means that when you have to have a receiver repaired (as I have three times above two different Onkyo models) you have to pay out of your own pocket to have it shipped (and generally shipped back to you) because Onkyo doesn’t cover getting it to a service center, just what they do with the service center, regardless of warranty status. Very disappointing.

I was wondering how your unit was holding up more than time. I’m starting to see a lot of one-star Amazon reviews creep up, mostly along the lines of it absolutely was functioning fine, then it went POP, and now it doesn’t do anything”, which seems to be the standard complaint of Onkyo receivers.

Just super curious as my current Onkyo died for the third time and I’ve decided I don’t want it repaired again, and while I want something that’s future-proof, I’ve been burned enough that I’m a bit hesitant to drop $450 on something from a company that has a less than stellar reputation (regardless of how anecdotal that reputation may be).

I just went through reviews of receivers for another comment, and the Onkyo is seeing similar levels of reports of failure to current Sony and Pioneer models. So some are failing, but they are for every vendor. Yamaha seems to have better reviews overall, but none of these sample sizes (Amazon reviews) are large enough to draw certain conclusions from.

The service center thing really depends on geography. I can get Pioneer and Sony service where I live, but have to ship Onkyo and Yamaha for repair. The exact same goes for other components I own (an amplifier, speakers) where I’ve had to ship them to a service center across the country for any repair. That is the negative, however the positive is you’re going to a service center that knows that merchandise better. In the event you look up the reviews of some of the Authorized service centers they might not be as excellent at fixing the item, or take weeks to get in a necessary part. Each has a benefit and drawback.

I bought N709 for my Synergy F30 set and Onkyo has a global HDMI board problem on ALL their A/V receivers (manufactured 2009-2013) leading to global recall!!!! Since I bought this device in UK 1-2 years ago and now living in Canada, I’m not eligible for repair/recall! and that’s even less than 2 years after the purchase.