It started with a Prank ㅋㅋ

I created this blog to share my thoughts and secrets that I cant say to my friends coz they dont do things like blogs ...And today I just wanted to share my crush,...I guess? He is one of my bestfriend for already one year...This feeling just started with my childish prank..ㅋㅋ... I told him that I like him and my other bestfriends told him too...While Its taking too long my poor little heart started to beat so fast and I know youre thinking now that Im so bitch ㅋㅋ...Sorry by the way,yeah...From then on I liked him and till now I still have a crush on him...Its a onesided love.... Sooo,yeah!~I think you are bored reading this coz this story is so common Haha :3 Bye!!