Finest Electrical Soup Makers & Blenders That Cook

If baking is your favourite kitchen task, a hand mixer or stand mixer is probably the gadget for you - these two machines are specifically designed for key baking tasks. But which one depends on budget, kitchen space and how seriously you take your baking.

Add 10” Feature - Completely customize your blends by adding more time in 10-second intervals to Preprogrammed Cycles— This can also be used as a stand-alone 10-second cycle which is slightly different than the Tap to More 10 seconds on the Designer 725.

All of which makes the Blendtec Designer 675 a great option for any modern kitchen! And with its $549.95 price, the Blendtec Designer 675 is more affordable than the higher-end Designer 725 —all while still providing more power and versatility than you could ever dream of!

The Blendtec Designer 625 features everything you need to create any healthy recipe you desire—and it even looks great doing it! It features a 1,625 Watt, 3 Peak Horsepower Motor, advanced blending technology with easy-to-use functions and a sturdy overall weight.

All of which unites in a stylish health-enhancing wonder of a machine, giving you every tool you’ll need to start your new healthy lifestyle, which at $479.99, makes the Blendtec Designer 625 an incredibly sweet deal!

The Blendtec Designer Series is the original model and was engineered to bring a whole new level of beautiful versatility to the home kitchen blender—all of course without compromising the original Blendtec Total Blender Classic’s famed power and efficiency!

Blendtec only sells the Original Designer Series as a Certified Refurbished Model , which has of course passed inspection while surpassing incredibly high standards, and comes with a full 7-Year Warranty­.

Featuring a 1,560 Watt, 3 Peak Horsepower Motor and 8 lbs. of total weight, the Blendtec Designer Series is powerful enough to handle even the most difficult of blends. The ONLY thing Blender Babes doesn’t love about this original Blendtec Designer Series blender - is the lighter weight. If your blend is FULL of frozen fruit or ice, sometimes your blender may do a little dance on your countertop. (This weight issue was fixed with the newer Blendtec Designer Series Option). That said - for the PRICE and FEATURES - it’s by far the very best deal going and highly recommended by Blender Babes. this guy

When it comes to making your blends, ALL of these Designer models can achieve the same results - they just may require different buttons and/or time blended. Whether it’s smoothies, whole juices, soups, frozen treats, salsas, batters or even cleaning - it’s important to note THEY CAN ALL DO IT!!

We LOVE the new features the newer designer models have - Especially the Add 10″ that the Designer 725 and 675 have. However, if a blend needs more time, just use your manual keys and continue to blend until it reaches a consistency you like. NO BIG DEAL.