Solutions For The Everyday And Extraordinary

Security fencing, as the name suggests, is used to provide security to a property from intruders, trespassers, thefts and other threats. It gives a visual notice of a legal boundary and serves as a physical barrier between intruders and trespassers. It is used by households as well as commercial property owners thus offering solutions for the everyday and extraordinary. Security fencing is not limited to the use of a layman only they are used by the military establishments as well. It can be regarded as the first line of defense for any institution using it and act as an active deterrent to crime. Some of the modern threats against which they serve the purpose include risks to infrastructure, data theft, identity fraud contamination.

Most of the residential colonies have security fences around the colony to prevent intruders from entering inside as well as save the residents from small thieves or pickpockets This is in addition to the security gates and security guards seated at them because only a security fence can provide a full perimeter protection. It can be used to protect a smallest thing to a biggest thing like you can put an electrified fence around a diamond kept in museum to the whole museum itself.

The most common type of security fences include the chain-kinked fencing, welded wire mesh and palisade fencing. Crisscrossing steel wires in the form of a mesh compose chain link fences, which are supported at intervals by line posts, corner posts and end posts, also of steel material. Chain link fences may also be topped with barbed wire for added security. Welded wire mesh is made up of galvanized steel with meshes of the wire welded together in a pattern of square or rectangular grids. Palisade fences are composed of hot dipped galvanized steel and are straight steel posts that stand vertically in line, held up by horizontal steel supports and often fixed to the ground with base plates.

The commercial establishments like industrial plants, power plants and prisons need security fencing because of the nature of work that takes place inside these establishments which may be harmful to individuals outside the property. For such places high security fencing is often used which has added security features. Many properties use barbed wire at the top of their barriers to keep intruders from scaling in their property. Some fences may be intertwined with electric current so that those who touch it get unpleasant shocks.

A new method of ensuring security at very important places is using access control systems which require individuals to show or enter proper credentials or proof of their identity to enter the building. Though getting high security fencing is a bit expensive it can prevent you from big losses in the long term. Many a times security fencing is tailor made to suit a particular type of establishment like military establishments to accommodate the site specific threats. Thus, security fencing is almost a necessity to ensure the safety and security of your property as well as the people who you care for.