On-Line Backups - Storing Your Files Remotely

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It's one thing to loose data and money because of hackers and thieves of various kinds; it's a different thing again when it's because you didn't back up your data properly or not at all. Value your data! Whether it's that critical business document, your thesis, your website or your home accounts and precious photos.

Just because your data has been encrypted and successfully backed up off-site does not mean it is safe. If a natural disaster occurs, how safe is the facility where your data resides? Data facilities are given a 1-4 rating (4 being the highest) to indicate how strong and reliable a facility is. Know this information before you back up your critical business data to Bubba's shed off the coast of Florida. Another service to consider would be if data backed up to one data facility is mirrored to another data facility in a different region. This way if one site is totally annihilated, or in case of equipment failure, your data is still safe and secure.

Another way to fix windows errors is to use your windows restore program to go back to BEFORE you started having problems and errors to see if this possibly fixes it. If it does not one of the last things you can try to fix windows errors is to restore your computer back to the factory settings. Use this as a last resort, however, since all of your data files that you have added will be erased. Make sure all of your important files and data are backed up to CD's, an external hard drive, or even use an data backup companies service. Make sure that if you can not remove the offending files or programs by other means that you have your computers factory restore CD's on hand before you start the process of formatting your hard drive.

Besides immediately, when should you back up your data? The