The following info regarding sirian starseed is meant for clarification objectives.

There are beings of Sirius of course existing in greater measurements compared to us presently in the world, that would be called the Blue race. Yet as all of us understand hearts who incarnate onto this planet which is currently in the lower 3rd Dimensional realm of presence do not incarnate on mother Earth in human form with what would be regarded blue skin.

So when Sirians are explained in the regards to Planet races, it is considering that Sirian starseed as a result of genetic & DNA coding have a close link genetically to particular races on Earth. Based on exactly what Jelaila Starr, of the has explained that the majority of Etheric Sirians are found among the black, brownish and also red races of Planet. Although necessarily undoubtedly bulk does not indicate all, there are celebrity beings that in the world would certainly be identified as white (Caucasian) or closer to it, who have their star origins in Sirius. The reasons mentioned above are why lots of which described the Sirian starseed racial/physical attributes do it terms of Planet races. There does exist physical & genetical similarities.

To clarify the majority of spirits who stem from the Sirius Star System which incarnate into Planet in human kind are discovered between particular races due mainly to a hereditary DNA link. This does not mean all celebrity beings that exist within these races have their origins within Sirius. Some Black/Brown Starseeds stem from Orion. For instance a significant number of Starseeds who would be classed as white on Planet have their origins within the Pleaides, however this by no ways equates to all.

This is just a simple malfunction about our Sirian brothers & sis, it naturally goes a deeper but now is not the moment for me to enter it. If any person would like to clarify kindly do not hesitate.