How do i PASS my Frustrated days

How do i PASS my Frustrated days

Everyday is a pain. But trust me you will find a total of 0 days of 0 outcome. just from my thought i would say there shouldn't be a 0 in day to day life,frustrating days whatever. 0 exists in only for some numerical terms and topics. otherwise no existance.

This is a real truth. you want to be sure? then please think what you did all the day. i am making my todays statement.

incident 1: today i had a chance to meet some labour. who works all the day carring a 20 kg weight in their forehead not only this. each labour had to travel 3 floor which means 30 feet by using stairs. but trust me i wan amased to see them  when i have seen them poking each other and making fun with each other. not only this they were smiling with carring 20 kilo weight in their head. after all the day they will be paid a $1.5 (taka 150). not economically but they are rich in rest of the indicators. because a person having $50 Million in his bank account may have to consume sleeping pills for a sound sleep, a person with $1 billion may need a safe house with armed people because his life is endengered. but can you say he is happy? i think he is more tensed then happy.

moral: a beautyfull mind can only bring happyness not a thousand of doller. Money is medicine for a cure but being a satisfied person with what we have is a prevention for a dessease upcoming. now think which is the better way .

no metter what you think, no matter what you find, no matter what you learn my dear try to diminish frustration its the start of rest of the conscequences.enlightened