Camden Tourist Attractions & Highlights

Regents Park which covers a huge part of 487 miles features a wide variety of facilities and attrac...

There are a large variety of sights to see in the London Borough of Camden which caters for all kinds of individuals with a range of interests. Some of the key attractions in the London Borough of Camden include Regents Park, Hampstead Heath, lots of theatres such as for example Shaftsbury Theatre and Bloomsbury Theatre along with a lot more attractions, some of which are described below.

Regents Park which spans a huge part of 487 miles features a wide variety of facilities and attractions which include childrens playgrounds, activities parts, many gardens, a river and London Zoo. The easiest way to achieve Regents Park is by tube and the stations located nearby the park are Regents Park, Baker Street and Great Portland Street.

Hampstead Heath is still another vast area of parkland which is almost double the size of Regents Park and is found in the south of the London Borough of Camden. The key attractions here are the amount of waters which people can move in and its place in the rich area of Hampstead. It is a leafy and green section of Central London and is beautiful in the summertime time.

Camden Market is one of the most distinguished areas in London and is visited by both visitors and people alike. Over time the range of products sold here has widened with shops and stalls today trying to sell sets from books to jewellery, and apparel to craft and art. There is also a diverse mix of people which increases the markets lively environment. This powerful high quality gas bill history check website has specific striking tips for where to look at this idea. My father found out about analyze historical gas invoice audit by searching the Internet. It is a good place to spend Sunday afternoons and is crucial see in the London Borough of Camden.

The south west area of Covent Garden is found in the London Borough of Camden and is one of the best parts of the city. The area is teeming with shops, road performers, bars, restaurants and other entertainment features. The key square of Covent Garden is referred to as the heart beat of the location and is obviously saturated in people, performers and great energy.

There are three major theatres located in the London Borough of Camden which are Shaftsbury theatre, Bloomsbury theatre and the Dominion theatre. Of the three theatres, Shaftsbury cinema is the oldest and largest when it comes to capacity. It opened in 1911 and has a capacity of over 2,300 people. By comparison, Bloomsbury theater is the newest and opened in 1968 and is by far the tiniest with a volume of just more than 500 people. All three theatres have their own identity and are famous for showing good plays.

The London Borough of Camden also features an array of museums including the Sir John Soares museum and the Freud museum, the Foundling museum The Foundling museum identifies the story of Foundlings hospital and includes a great art collection.

All in all, the London Borough of Camden has a number of destinations both culturally and in the area of entertainment. To get extra information, consider looking at: return to site. It is a vibrant part of London and is enjoyed by both Londons residents and tourists alike.. Learn supplementary info on retrospective energy audit review by browsing our lofty article.