Core fiber optic product Fujikura splicer FSM-80S

Have you heard the word fiber core optic? Okay, it is a popular word nowadays with the development of high technology. These people would buy various kinds of fiber optics from fiber optic manufacturer in china for use. Now we can have a look at the Fujikura splicer FSM-80S.


The FSM-80S is core-to-core alignment single fiber splicer succeeding to FSM-60S. In addition to ruggedized concept, which 60S created, the 80S has a series of new features, such as "Automated wind-protector and tube-heater" for quicker splicing cycle as well as fewer operation steps, "innovative carrying-case design" for quicker preparation, "powerful Li-ion battery" for longer operation, high resolution bigger LCD monitor, and "built-in operation manuals" in various languages. Market is from backbone network installation to opto-electronics components production for quality splice. Just like the fiber optic cable supplier said that FSM-80S is a new star nowadays. We should chase the opportunity and find the new things in the world. By the way, it has various features, such as big LCD screen, shortest splicing time at 7seconds, heat time 13-15sec, and auto wind protector and can work against rough circumstances. Does this sound gorgeous for those customers who want to buy it for use? With the several types of core deformations as well as core axis offset are taken into account for accurate loss estimate, we can use it trustingly.


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