womens vintage sunglasses

womens vintage sunglasses


There is a feeling that the more you pay for your sunglasses the better protection they will offer your eyes. This is of course is not entirely true but people still believe it or at least want to believe as they've just forked out $100's for a new pair of designer Wayfarers. However, it is true that the materials used to build designer sunglasses will be better quality i.e. the little screws, the plastic moulds will be flawless, the lenses will be more accurately cut etc. So how much more do these quality materials and processes actually add to the cost the manufacturing? Considering that most sunglasses these days are produced in China it would add approximately 30% to the price which may sound like a lot but in fact 30% would be the equivalent of $1-2. Of course you also have pay the design team and development costs but does this really justify the end price tag of $200? That's a staggering 5000% mark up. There is no real justification for this price.


On the other end of the scale I have found sunglasses that cost just $15 and offer just as much protection for your eyes as the pricey ones. One website iPOP.co.nz offers womens vintage sunglasses for just $15 USD (approx) and they look great. I bought a few pairs already. The website is user friendly and I paid seamlessly with Paypal and my order arrived with 6 days later. It was well packaged and looked exactly like the picture. They're based in New Zealand but that makes no difference when you are on the hunt for rare Wayfarers or aviators which they have. The have women's sunglasses, clubmasters, and all types of cool vintage eyewear.


So how much should I pay for my Sunglasses?


Well, that's the big question and to really to get the right look and to protect your eyes quite honestly you don't need to spend anymore than $20. There is so much hype surrounding the designer sunglasses as they try to justify the enormous price tag. If you are like me and go through many sunglasses every year for what ever reason, like loosing them , sitting on them , kids break them etc etc then it's better to loose a cheap pair. Another reason to by cheap end sunglasses is that you can afford to have more than one pair in your collection. A pair for the beach, a pair for a date, a pair for work and you can keep up with the fast moving sunglass trends and change them every year. However, if you've just spent $200 on a pair of sunnies it might be the only pair you can afford to have for the next few years.


So next time you think about buying a new pair of sunglasses take a look around at the cheaper sunglasses and you might be pleasantly surprised as well as saving your hard earned money.