How you can Get The best Backup Generator For the Catastrophe & Budget

The best backup power-system for you is defined by how much interaction you want with the system and by how much you’re willing to spend.

This is a decent generator for the price. I think it is a little overated in wattage as I have had it trip a few times while running things well below the rated wattage. It is not as loud as previous generators I have had, which was unexpected. Easy to assemble and easy to transport.

I ordered several generators for Christmas gift to our kids. 3 of the 5 worked well, but the other 2 wouldn’t start or were damaged. Overstocked sent us 2 new ones that worked will. All 5 will start on the first or second pull. They are also very quiet. If you have problems with them, deal with Overstocked not the Co. that provides the product to Overstocked.

Ordered and received in 3 days; put the recommended on in 10W 30 motor oil and started on the first pull. Owner’s manual is great and it has every part # listed in the manual with illustrations. Great job Champion! It’s nice to get a complete owner’s manual when most are very lacking. Generator is fine and it is not loud at all. (And pray tell what generator doesn’t make some noise?) We also have the top end generator starting with "H" the 2000...not much difference in the noise levels. This runs very smooth and doesn’t sound like running lawn mower that needs a new spark plug! LOL...Why would you spend over 1K more for the same red "H" generator is beyond me? We will use this for recreational trips. Thanks Overstock!

This little splitter is perfect. You can tap off a generator plug a run a bunch of items without worry. The primary pigtail is a touch too short, requiring a support to be placed close to the generator so as not to have the weight just hanging.

Delivery was on time, this was the best packed product I have ever received. the assembly was easy, the generator started first time. This was a good experience. The 69 db is great, the unit is very compact, the fold down handles are nice, I bought the one with elec start which is great. I had an old 5000 kw that was so loud it was hard to sleep in the house, if the power goes out again I’m ready. This is a good investment.

Kind of early to give a good review as have only had a week or so but it looks and runs good. Electric start is A +... Doesn’t have an hour meter but at the price mark with all the other features, it’s a good value.

I purchased this generator b/c of the low price and the fact that a friend of mine has this generator already. After the hurricane this past summer, duromax seemed to raise their prices ( probably due to increased demand ) and I couldnt find this generator for under shipped. Luckily I found a sale on here and paid much less than that. The first generator came to me dented ( as mentioned by some of the other buyers around the web ). I contacted and they promtly sent me a replacement that came in new conition. I’ve ran it a few times and it works perfectly so far.

This is my second Champion 4000, it is a great machine for the money. I use it when camping for my RV, charging batteries, running AC, microwave. I leave in the bed of my truck and with the tail gate closed it is quieter and out of reach of potential thieves when it’s off. It is heavy at dry 106 lbs, but that can help keep people from stealing it as it sits in front of my fifth wheel hitch. Has nice anti vibration rubber mounts on the feet and a bar that surrounds the whole unit. Great unit!

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This is a replacement for one that was stolen. I think it is the exact same unit with a different brand name and color scheme. Will use for periodic chores on our farm, where we have no electricity or as a backup at home.