20 Concerts Everyone Should See Before They Die

What to Wear to a Concert. These come in an array of colors and styles, so make a choice that fits both musical preference and budget. People usually ignore this condition as it lasts for only 1 hour to 1 day but this carelessness may some day cause permanent ringing in ears which can be very annoying and may even cause deafness.


If you have kids, but you still want to enjoy a cold brew, don't worry, you can set up your spot in the beer garden with your kids, just don't let them drink your beer. Once a month they select an area park and encourage listeners to bring a picnic, settle down in a nice shady spot and listen to some of the best jazz in the area. As such an event manager he/she also has to take care of crowd management, logistics, rigging, sound and light, video, and security.

Neil Young - Trunk ShowDirected by Jonathan Demme