In this era of dumsor, dumsor, when Ghanaians have to bear with 24 hours off-peak and 12 hours peak light. When ECG are not able to manage their load shedding time-table because of the inadequate power supply they receive from VRA to Gridco to manage their time stipulated.

In this era of dumsor, dumsor, when manufacturers are not getting light to manufacture their products, when companies are not getting light to work with, when preservation of goods and products are being destroyed.

In this time of dumsor, dumsor, when employers are laying off workers because they are paying and buying more fuel to power their generators, plants in their respective companies if they want to stay in business.

In this time of dumsor, dumsor, employees could not ask for increment on their salaries because of the energy crisis the nation is facing now. Goods, products and services prices are going up but salaries are still stagnate. How can employees ask for salary increment when there are no light to work with, employers are not employing more staffs but are rather laying off workers which is adding up to the massive unemployment rate in the country. The employers are running business at the a loss, their are profit margin is dwindling.

The economy have become so stiff to penetrate through. A lot of people enter into 2015 with the hope, that there will be a job opportunities for them but they did not envision the woes and plight of the energy sector that would hit the country.

Is the hope for the unemployment graduates, is there hope for jobseekers who are watching, listening to news eagerly, anxiously reading graphics for job opportunities only for them to be hearing, seeing and be reading of laying off of  workers in the job market.

May God have mercy on motherland!