Plywood supplier in China talking beech panel

Beech panel for home decoration can be described in today's most used material. Natural beech and white beech panel has two colors, red beech, white beech pale yellow, red beech. Today, the plywood supplier in China will talk about the notices when you buy the beech panel.


Common beech panel points pearl pattern, ruled and mountain lines three kinds of plate pattern. Its rating classes: first class AAA, second AA, third-A; three A panel surface is smooth, soft color, surrounding neat, no black spots; two A panel lines not rules, there are a few black spots; an A Panel surface roughness, surface pattern through the end of wooden eyes, black spots more. What’s more, artificial beech panel biggest difference with natural beech panel in its texture is rough, dark red color bias, color dull, commonly known as "dead color", board pattern over the law, the price of natural beech panel with a difference of about 40 RMB / Zhang. Thus, you can find the difference when you buy it in block boards wholesale China.  When the owners have the decoration, the construction team should be wary of posing as a natural beech panel using artificial beech panel. Good buy to meet the requirements of beech shipped back to the construction site after the panel, the panel should be sanded with water as soon as matte paper, coated with polyurethane varnish to protect the panel. Thus, even in the construction process occasional spotting which can also be a clean, damp cloth to wipe clean.


Panel should try to buy a one-time shopping for the panel, if different minority panel lines and chromatic aberration. It has the same principle when you buy best mdf wood in China and use it.